Treatment Update – STRATTERA® (atomoxetine capsules) to be discontinued as of March 2023

Eli Lilly Canada has advised that Strattera will be discontinued from the marketplace completely by the end of 2023.  Generic atomoxetine remains available and has largely replaced the use of brand name Strattera since 2017. 

Atomoxetine is a second line drug used in the treatment of ADHD.  In canvassing expert opinion, there has been no significant difference noted between the brand name and generic though most experts use atomoxetine infrequently. 

Long acting stimulants remain first line in the treatment of ADHD. 

Information on the STRATTERA discontinuation has been posted on the Health Canada Drug Shortage website (

DescriptionDINAnticipated Discontinuation Date
STRATTERA 10 mg02262800June 1, 2023
STRATTERA 18 mg02262819November 1, 2023
STRATTERA 25 mg02262827May 1, 2023
STRATTERA 40 mg02262835March 1, 2023
STRATTERA 60 mg02262843August 1, 2023
STRATTERA 80 mg02279347December 1, 2023
STRATTERA 100 mg02279355April 3, 2023

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