2023: CADDRA 19th Annual ADHD Conference, CADDRA 2023, Montreal, Quebec (photo gallery)

2022: CADDRA 18th Annual ADHD Conference, CADDRA 2022, St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador (photo gallery)

2021: CADDRA 17th Annual ADHD Conference, CADDRA 2021, Virtual Event (photo montage)

2020: CADDRA 16th Annual ADHD Conference, CADDRA 2020, Virtual Event (photo montage)

2019: CADDRA 15th Annual ADHD Conference, Toronto, Ontario (Conference montage, Research Day montage)

2018: CADDRA 14th Annual ADHD Conference, Calgary, Alberta (photo montage)

2017: CADDRA 13th Annual ADHD Conference, Quebec City, Quebec (photo montage)

2016: CADDRA 12th Annual ADHD Conference, Ottawa, Ontario (photo montage)

2015: CADDRA 11th Annual ADHD Conference, Vancouver, British Columbia (photo montage)

2014: Back to the Future: New Developments in Improving Standards of Care in ADHD, Toronto, Ontario

2013: Integrating New Concepts into ADHD Best Practice, Montreal, Quebec

2012: Clinical Approaches to ADHD Challenges: Preschoolers to Seniors, Vancouver, British Columbia

2011: ADHD Research into Practice: A Global View, Toronto, Ontario

2010: The Many Faces of ADHD: A Window into the Future, Vancouver, British Columbia

2009: ADHD, Health and Lifestyle: Practical Research Based Information for the Medical Practitioner, Montreal, Quebec

2008: Improving Outcomes Through Research and Discipline Integration, Toronto, Ontario

2007: Essential ADHD Knowledge for the Practitioner, Montreal, Quebec

2006: ADHD: Essential Knowledge for the Healthcare Professional, Educator & Parent, Toronto, Ontario

2005: ADHD Across the Lifespan: Essential knowledge for the Practitioner, Vancouver, British Columbia