Call to BC Government: Extend Coverage to All Long-Acting Meds!

Physicians across British Columbia have begun advocacy effects aimed at convincing the BC Government to support a full range of treatments for ADHD in the province. Read the press release from CADDAC and CADDRA here. While treatment for ADHD should always be multimodal, medication can be an important component for individuals with ADHD. British Columbia is far behind the rest of Canada in regard to providing a full range of treatments for ADHD, and the province’s inaction has wide-ranging social and financial impacts.


Take Action!

Healthcare professionals in BC are urged to write letters to Dr. Eric Lun (Executive Director, Drug Intelligence and Optimization Branch, Ministry of Health requesting that the province make access to long acting treatment options for ADHD more accessible. A letter writing guide can be found here. If possible, these letters should be sent by December 18, 2015.

Background information on the current situation is available here. This is written by CADDRA board member and BC physician, Dr. Don Duncan.

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