A Call to Action for Greater ADHD Support and Resources in Canada

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As many as 2 million Canadians live with ADHD, deeply affecting their lives and those around them. Despite the prevalence of ADHD, there is still inequitable access to care. There are deep misunderstandings about ADHD throughout society, including with medical and educational professionals.

Earlier this year, CADDRA in partnership with CADDAC – Centre for ADHD Awareness Canada released our proposed path to improving care for ADHD in Canada with the Action Plan: Creating Equitable Access to ADHD Care in Canada.

We are pleased to share a new video on the impact of ADHD on society. The video features personal stories and outlines the need for investment into ADHD, specifically to educate medical and healthcare professionals, provide resources and education to families and individuals, along with support for teachers.

Please click here to watch our short video.

Please click here to learn more about the Action Plan.