CADDRA ADHD Research Digest Issue 2, June 2021

Impact of COVID-19 on Childhood ADHD



The initial survey was conducted in May 2020. Community agencies were involved in recruiting parents. Over 600 parents participated.

Key takeaways from the project so far are:

Tasmia Hai
is training to be a school psychologist and is specifically interested in the impact of the pandemic on education and learning.

Rose Swansburg’s research is focused on the lifestyle impact of the pandemic. Data from the first survey showed children who exhibit less healthy lifestyle habits (decreased sleep, exercise) demonstrated poorer mental health functioning (increased ADHD symptoms, depression and anxiety).

The team is currently recruiting parents for a follow-up survey.
The team recently sat down for a conversation with Stacey D. Espinet, CADDRA’s Education Manager. Click here for the video interview


CADDRA ADHD Research Digest Issue 1, March 2021


Parental support for children’s learning during the Covid-19 pandemic:

A pan-Canadian study of children and youth with ADHD.


Principal Investigator: Dr. Maria A. Rogers, University of Ottawa

Co-Investigators: Dr. Janet Mah, BC Children’s Hospital; Dr. Emma A. Climie, University of Calgary; Dr. Yuanyuan Jiang, Saint Paul University & University of Alberta; Dr. Penny Corkum, Dalhousie University

Student Investigators: Tessa Ritchie, M.Sc., University of Ottawa & Amanda Krause, M.A., University of Ottawa

Click here to read the interview.