Guide to help improve sleep difficulties in teenagers

CH.A.D.D. Canada

Health Canada Consumer Medication Side Effect Reporting

Website of Dr. Annick Vincent, Quebec City

Ces sites s’adressent aux parents d’enfant(s) ayant un Trouble du Déficit de l’Attention, avec ou sans Hyperactivité (TDA/H), aux intervenant(e)s scolaires et du mileu de la santé.

CH.A.D.D. Vancouver


National Resource Centre on AD/HD (a program of CHADD)

ADD Resources

American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (Type inADHD in the ‘Search for’ box)
Facts for families on 94 different and common presenting problems at
The AACAP medication and treatment guide for parents on ADHD includes a Spanish version and practice parameters

ADDitude Magazine
A website and magazine on living with ADHD and learning disorders

Pediatric Neurology Associates
This is an excellent e-book written by Martin L. Kutscher, MD. It explains ADHD very well and offers many home and school strategies. There is also a kid’s chapter.

Dr. Thomas Brown’s site.
Articles and information on executive functioning, adult ADHD and gifted children with ADHD.

Mel Levine’s web site

Learning Disabilities Association of Canada

Medbroadcast provides patient-focused health and wellness information on the web. Its ADHD channel has articles on ADHD, its diagnosis and available treatments.

BC Children’s Hospital: ADHD website

Many patients with ADHD have sleep problems: (everyone)

Centre for ADHD Advocacy, Canada
Information for parents and adults with ADHD on educational and systemic advocacy, support groups across Canada, financial aid and other support information.

Many patients with ADHD have learning disabilities: (orton gillingham)

Massachusetts General Hospital
This Massachusetts General Hospital site includes up-to-date information for parents, educators and clinicians, including handouts, scales, research etc.

A list of BC registered tutors