Guide to improving sleep for teenagers

This eBook is developed as a self-help guide for teenagers to increase their understanding of sleep problems and how poor sleep can affect their health and wellbeing. A new self rating scale is added to score sleep habits. The eBook provides a number of animations, sounds and links to video clips. Full of interactive features and practical tips, teens will find this eBook an enjoyable resource.

Health Canada Consumer Medication Side Effect Reporting

This is a Canadian government website for reporting a side effect to a health or cannabis product.

Centre for ADHD Awareness, Canada

CADDAC is a national charity providing leadership in awareness, education, and advocacy for ADHD across Canada.  CADDAC provides programs and resources to support parents and individuals affected by ADHD; such as an Executive Functioning program,  group coaching programs, resource navigator program, educational events, awareness initiatives and advocacy initiatives.

Website of Dr. Annick Vincent, Quebec City

ADHD Tips, Information and Tricks is a French language website that provides practical information, tools and resources to support parents and individuals living with ADHD.

ADDitude Magazine
A website and magazine on living with ADHD and learning disorders

A comprehensive website and magazine that provides information, education, resources and tools to support parents and individuals living with ADHD and learning disorders.