CADDRA is monitoring the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation and its impact on patient care closely. We understand that many health practitioners have turned to tele-medicine to continue treating patients. To make it easier for health practitioners treating patients with ADHD, we’ve opened access to our fillable ADHD assessment forms for health practitioners and for patients.

We also put together a Coronavirus (COVID-19) web page with information and resources to help you manage your patient care and to provide to patients to alleviate some of the anxiety and fears they may experience during this time. Click here.


Instructions for health practitioners on how to use the CADDRA fillable forms

  1. Click on the form below that you want to download and save it to your computer or laptop device.

  2. When sending to a patient for completion, save the form under the patient’s initials or unique identifier (e.g. patient’s initials, date of visit – SNAP_IV_26_SB_3.5.20)

  3. Email the form to your patient or his/her guardian with the instructions below:

Instructions for patients on how to use the CADDRA fillable forms

Your physician has sent you an electronic form to complete and return by ______ (date)

  1. Save the form on your laptop or desktop computer

  2. Open up the form and fill it out electronically and remember to save it again after you have filled it out.

  3. You can now attach and return the completed form by email to your health care provider at _____________________ (email address).


Assessment, Treatment and Follow-Up Forms

Transfer Form

Patient Information Document

ADHD Rating Scales