New indication and new reimbursement codes in Quebec


Medication Update

A major change in the reimbursement process of these long acting psychostimulants in Quebec:

  • AMPHETAMINE (MIXT SALTS) Adderall XR and generic versions
  • METHYLPHÉNIDATE (CHLOHYDRATE) Concerta and generic versions

Attention: METHYLPHENIDATE (CHLOHYDRATE DE) Foquest is not yet covered by this program and is not affected by this measure. 

Since July 10 2019, coverage for all long acting psychostimulants reimbursed under the «Médicament d’exception» Program does NOT require a previous trial of a short-acting psychostimulant.

The reimbursement criteria is now:
Code SN280 : For the treatment of persons with Attention Deficit with/without Hyperactivity Disorder . 

This unique code  replaces the previous codes (SN103 and SN132).

Link to Details (in French only): RAMQ infolettre à l’intention des prescripteurs de médicaments d’exception des pharmaciens – July 10 2019

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