CADDRA has put together information and resources to assist patients and caregivers to alleviate some of the anxiety and fears they may experience during COVID-19.

We understand that many health practitioners have turned to telemedicine to continue treating patients. Please click here to access our telemedicine resources and information. To make it easier for health practitioners treating patients with ADHD, we’ve opened access to our fillable ADHD assessment forms for health practitioners and for patients.

Please click here to access our COVID-19 Resources for Healthcare Professionals


For Adult Patients and Caregivers


Websites regarding Pediatric issues and the Coronavirus /COVID-19 Pandemic


Anxiety and Mindfulness


 COVID-19 – ADHD Resources


Time Management Schedules for Children, Teenagers, Adults with ADHD During the COVID-19 Outbreak


Children and Parent Resources


Explaining the Corona Virus to Children


Corona Virus and Adolescents




 Information Resources by Province


Financial Resources and Government Benefits