I am a sociologist and department chair at an undergraduate university and a parent of two sons with ADHD.  I agree that remote learning as it interacts with the pandemic has set the stage for major challenges for students with ADHD.  However, I feel that it is the quick move to remote learning that is the issue.

Because universities and secondary institutions had to push faculty to move to online quickly, there was no time to adjust in the best manner.  For instance, having no lectures and optional office hours means that many will not necessarily meet up for consultations.

Moving forward to fall, I think there needs to be a focus on requiring interaction between students and instructors each week.

I am planning to ask instructors in my department to have checking in built into the assessments/structure of their courses.  Also, moving beyond slide presentations will help as well.

Hopefully, the fall semester will bring adjustments, but requesting personalized weekly meetings with instructors will improve success, in my view.

Have a good day,

Tom Buchanan