British Columbia Pharmacare Update

British Columbia Pharmacare Update


British Columbia has expanded its PharmaCare benefit coverage for methylphenidate controlled release, methylphenidate extended-release and dextroamphetamine-amphetamine medications to now include adults under its limited coverage benefits.

Prior to this week’s update (on June 9, 2020), pharmacare coverage for Concerta® and Vyvance® in the province was limited to individuals under 19 years of age. PharmaCare will provide partial coverage for Concerta® up to generic price.


CADDRA applauds the action of the BC government in expanding PharmaCare coverage for long acting methylphenidate and dextroamphetamine/amphetamine medications in the treatment of ADHD to adult residents of BC. “The use of extended release medications provides safer and more effective treatment than short-acting medications in managing the symptoms of ADHD, a disorder that causes significant impairment in both children and adults. We hope in time that all extended release stimulant medication will be covered on the provincial formulary in BC and all provinces and territories,” says CADDRA Advocacy Committee Chair, Dr. Joan Flood.

New Concerta® reimbursement eligibility and criteria

New Vyvanse reimbursement eligibility and criteria


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