BC Physicians: Campaign to Add Physician Voice to PharmaCare ADHD Review

If you are a medical professional in BC prescribing ADHD medications, please sign this collective letter addressed to Minister Lake asking that the physician voice be part of the new PharmaCare review of ADHD medications. Deadline to sign is May 12th.

Medication treatment for ADHD is not a “one size fits all” scenario and individuals with ADHD have unique responses to different medications. It is essential that physicians can individualize treatment and prescribe as wide a group of medications as possible.

However, in British Columbia, short-acting medications are the only pharmacological treatments for ADHD fully covered by BC Pharmacare. Concerta is the only long-acting medication available on Pharmacare but is restricted to Special Authority Request (only for the paediatric population and only after failing on Ritalin or Dexedrine).

The Ministry of Health is currently conducting a review of ADHD treatment therapies. Despite numerous requests from BC physicians over the past months – spearheaded by CADDRA and ADHD patient organization CADDAC (Centre for ADHD Advocacy, Canada) for an opportunity to meet with Pharmacare officials and share their expertise, no appointment has been made to date. Letters sent by the physicians highlighted the poor access to ADHD medications in the province. A templated reply letter was sent to all of these physicians referencing the CDR “Do Not List” recommendation and stating that the ministry has to make tough decisions regarding health priorities.

There are many clinical treatment factors to consider when making a balanced patient-centered decision about coverage. As experts in this field and front line workers treating patients in this province every day, we believe that ADHD medical professionals should be a part of the conversation. We are requesting that a meeting be held with Minister Lake as soon as possible to discuss how experienced ADHD medical professionals will be an integral part in this review process.

If you are a medical professional in BC who is interested in this issue, we ask that you access this LINK to a collective letter addressed to Minister Lake and if you agree sign onto the letter through this site by May the 12th.

If the link does not work please cut and paste this into your browser https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/CADDRA-CADDAC-Letter-to-Minister

For additional information please read the document written by CADDRA board member and BC physician Dr. Don Duncan: Equal Access to ADHD Medication through PharmaCare




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