Advocacy Update – April/May 2023 – Meetings with Provincial Ministers


Advocacy Update – Meetings with Provincial Ministers – April/May 2023


CADDRA and CADDAC had three more meetings during April and May 2023 with Provincial Ministers to discuss the need for resources for ADHD assessment and treatment and to encourage support for Bill C-329: National Framework on Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Act.

In April representatives of CADDRA and CADDAC met with Manitoba Minister of Mental Health and Community Wellness, Janice MorleyLecomte. CADDRA was represented by Advocacy Committee Chair Dr. Joan Flood, Winnipeg-based child and adolescent psychiatrist and CADDRA member Dr. Cara Katz and CADDRA Executive Director, Niamh McGarry. 

On May 24th, CADDRA representatives Dr. Joan Flood (Advocacy Chair) and Dr. Kristi Zinkiew (Victoria pediatrician and Advisory Council member) met with the Honorable Rachna Singh, British Columbia’s Minister of Education and Child Care.

On May 31st, CADDRA representatives Dr. Joan Flood (Advocacy Chair) and Dr. Sarah Gander (Saint John pediatrician and CADDRA member) met with the Honorable Bruce Fitch, New Brunswick’s Minister of Health.





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