This is a free, members-only online platform designed to support healthcare practitioners in the assessment and treatment of ADHD, while providing guidance and education based on the Canadian ADHD Practice Guidelines.




Use ADHD TrEAT to:

• Send assessment forms with automatic reminders, to patients for easy, online completion
• Review completed forms that are automatically returned through the system, scored and interpreted
• Review results in graphical form
• Schedule follow-up form collection
• Review patient medications and symptoms associated with every batch of forms
• Assess changes over time by comparing form results
• Download all documents in PDF format for inclusion in an EMR
• Send resources and handouts to patients
• Make referrals
• Provide feedback and join focus groups to further develop this valuable tool.

ADHD TrEAT is hosted on a secure platform. All personal identifying information is encrypted in such a way that nobody, including site administrators or developers, can associate any data on the site with any patient. Only you can view the identity and associated data of your patients. All data is stored on servers located within Canada.

Login into ADHD TrEAT with your CADDRA login information.